Make Child Poverty History
Help make a difference - one child, one village at a time.

'Make Child Poverty History' believes no one should go hungry in this day and age, particularly not children whose entire development and future capacity is dependent upon their health and nutrition during childhood. We also believe that every child deserves a basic education, clean water and health care. Providing these basic necessities of life will in turn ensure that this generation of children can provide for their families to come - future generations - so that the desperation felt today won't continue into tomorrow.

For more info on MCPH, please visit


We believe that by promoting the MCPH movement through our small business network in southern Maryland, we can help make child poverty history - one child, one village at a time
Bang Boo Baby

Help families wanting to adopt and families currently in the process of adopting with funds needed to complete the process. 


The cool thing here is that all you have to do is buy things that you would already buy anyway; baby things. They have a large catalog of baby items for sale at the .com address. See .


If you have a baby or know someone who does, then buy your baby stuff here: .


For all you yuppy type moms out there, their prices on Baby Einstein are lower than anywhere else. Go ahead, check and BabysRUs, they really do have the lowest prices on Baby Einstein products. 


You can learn more about the organization at the official site:


Actually, our own Hyrum, got this idea while on the road in China, in 2002, adopting his first daughter, Adriana. She is from Beng Bu China in Anhui province. You pronounce it "bang boo"; hence, bang boo baby; after his baby daughter from Beng Bu. Also, the adoption process had been so arduous that when the time finally came to receive their new baby into their lives, it was such a relief and ironically seemed so sudden: Bang! Boo! Baby!


Hyrum and his wife Cheryl have since adopted a second daughter from China, Isabella, whom they brought home in 2004. They are currently in the middle of a third adoption; this time the child will come from an orphanage in Vietnam; and, could be either a boy or a girl: Eli or Clair. All funds currently earned through profits from sales at and donations will be directly applied towards their current adoption. Afterwards, applications will be accepted and a goal will be set to help adopt orphans one family at a time. Please join with us and spread the word. This really is an easy way to give to a good cause. Just buy baby stuff and tell other people to do the same. And, if you feel inclined to give more, you can make an additional donation as well.


show HOPE

A movement to care for orphans. Founded by the vocal and musical artist Stephen Curtis Chapman; named after his first adopted daughter Shaohannah.  


Mega Force All Stars



3065 Marshall Hall Road,

Post Office Box 385

 Bryans Road MD  20616

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



 Mega Force All Stars (MFA) is a competitive cheerleading squad established to provide a positive outlet for young ladies and gentlemen in the Western Charles County area to teach them teamwork, integrity, sportsmanship, endurance, responsibility, self-respect, and self-discipline.


We are a non-profit organization reaching out to not only those families who can afford the fees related to this competitive sport but also to those young ladies who are financially less fortunate; such as the daughters of single mothers struggling to make ends meet, daughters of large families without adequate resources for extracurricular activities, or even the granddaughters of fixed income grandparents standing in for absent parents. 


Due to our desire to include any youth who has a genuine desire to become a part of MFA, donations are vital to our survival and to the participation of individuals who otherwise cannot afford the monthly fees and/or other associated expenses.


In addition to the per person $100.00 monthly gym fee, other individual costs associated with competitive cheering would include the uniform ($450.00), competition fees (approx. $35.00 each competition), learning camps etc. These expenses are necessary to keep our young ladies “cheer” ready.  The average annual fee for one youth is $3000.00.


 It is our goal to not only expose Western Charles County youth to possibilities they may never otherwise have (travel, sense of belonging, discipline, self-worth, teamwork), we also want to WIN!


We are asking you to consider making a generous donation to the Mega Force All Stars.  We currently have youth who are waiting for this opportunity with no resources.  Your tax deductible gift would go a long way in helping us to achieve our goal and make a dream come true for deserving youth.




Tanja Carter,

Mega Force All Star President
There is a web site  (click on where to send) which has notes from soldiers about needs overseas. If anyone is interested in donating or getting a group together to donate, you can pick soldiers by the state their unit is in, by the country they are stationed in, and a variety of other ways. 
    They are looking for a variety of things like: Razors and blades, Pens, Stationary, Envelopes, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Other personal care items, Beef Jerky, Coffee or instant type drinks, Dark sunglasses, Pre-packaged snacks (granola bars, cookies, crackers, etc.), Magazines, Movies/DVDs.
    Each person listed is a rep for their unit. Details of their unit are listed including how many men/women they represent, when the unit went over, when the unit is due back, etc.
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