Registration is currently open for our next workshop:


"Quickstart - Get Your Business Online"


This is a six hour workshop, held on a Saturday or on two weekday evenings.


This workshop is scheduled to take place on Saturday December 1 from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM with 1 hour allocated for a lunch break. Additional instruction and consulting will be available starting one hour prior to class start and until one hour following class completion. 

This workshop is designed for small business owners and individual professionals who would like to establish an effective online soultion for their business operations and want to get their hands dirty doing the work themselves.


The cost of the workshop is $350.00.


At the completion of the workshop you will have accomplished the following:

  • select and purchase a domain name
  • identify three online competitors
  • develop three keyword search engine phrases
  • learn how Google's search engine marketing works
  • establish a Google Adwords account
  • develop an online marketing advertisement
  • develop a compelling call to action for your online visitors
  • develop a promotional landing page featuring keyword rich content and your call to action
  • setup an email account at your new website domain name
  • develop three FAQs
  • develop three client testimonials
  • develop"about us" copy

Your website will include the following pages:

  1. home page
  2. contact us
  3. tesimonials
  4. frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  5. promotions
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