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Need help with your logo?


If you don't have a logo, you need one. A logo gives your business immediate visual recognition for your customers and clients.


We wouldn't say that having a logo is a business necessity; in fact, you may have already been operating your business successfully for some time without one. But, developing a logo is a great place to start your online solutions. The colors, font,  and graphics that make up your logo can be the foundation of your corporate identity material such as business cards and stationary. Also, your logo can serve as a foundation for the graphical concept design of your website template. 


A stumbling block is starting. Who will develop your logo? Can you get one for free? You've possibly heard of free online websites where you can obtain a free or cheap logo. 


Look no further. This is a great place to start.


There are many options available to you for developing a logo. 


We've put together a list of resources for you:


Please share your resources with the southern Maryland small business community. Submit your resource to us here . Thank you. --
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