Free Desktop Operating System - A Windows Killer?


Got Linux?  Know what Linux is?


How about Windows? Microsoft Windows? Got Windows? You probably do. Most likely you've been using Windows since you've been using computers. It get's the job done and you have no gripes I'm sure.


Maybe you're a Mac user, or have tried a Mac at least once; to play a flight simulator for an hour or two in a bind with nothing else to do.


What about the Commodore 64 or Vic 20. Yeah, those were the days. The PC was fine with DOS and we made our own custom home grown user interface to launch applications; one of wich was Microsoft Windows 3.1.


I used Open VMS on a VAX system on a job in 1995. You've probably never used that nor know what I'm talking about. 



during my college days in the mid 90's I was introduced to Unix during my computer science studies. There was talk of Linux; an open source operating system with it's foundation on Unix; or, like Unix. There were guys in the computer lab that were just nuts about this Linux stufff. So, I said hey, what the hay, I should give it a try. So, I spent hours installing the Linux kernel with all the drivers that I needed to get my system going. Well, I eventually had to cut my losses since my time was in short supply. The point is that it wa snot an easy task to install and run Linux on your personal computer; at least for the average computer science major; let alone the average home user.


But, it's 2007, and Linux has come a long way baby. The open source community has developed drivers and applications built on improvements to the linux kernel and the graphical user interface (GUI) has greatly improved as well.


Linux is ready for the mainstream home user. And the "flavor" of choice is Ubuntu.


Ubuntu is FREE. You can give Ubuntu a try on your system today. There is a handy bootable CD version that allows you to try Ubuntu before you actually install it. I encourage you to give it a whirl and see what Ubuntu can do for you.


I've been running Ubuntu on my laptop for the past year and a half and I think it's awesome!


Ubuntu uses less system resources; such as system memory and CPU power. You may be able to revitalize an aging system and put it to use again. Strip that klumky Microsoft OS off of that old machine and try out Ubuntu on it.


May we suggest for additional savings, addtional open source software:

- - a Microsoft Office replacent

- Firefox - an Internet Explorer replacement

- Thunderbird - an Outlook Express replacement

- Gimp - a Photoshop replacement

... there's plenty more. Check out our opensource section. Check back often for added content and resources.  Bookmark us today.


Get Ubuntu here - a community developed, linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. - Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu project.


Ubuntu Editions

Kubuntu - an alternative GUI; uses KDE as opposed to Gnome 

Edubuntu - an educationacl centric version of Ubuintu

Xubuntu - a lighter weight version of Ubuntu

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