There is a web site  (click on where to send) which has notes from soldiers about needs overseas. If anyone is interested in donating or getting a group together to donate, you can pick soldiers by the state their unit is in, by the country they are stationed in, and a variety of other ways. 
    They are looking for a variety of things like: Razors and blades, Pens, Stationary, Envelopes, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Other personal care items, Beef Jerky, Coffee or instant type drinks, Dark sunglasses, Pre-packaged snacks (granola bars, cookies, crackers, etc.), Magazines, Movies/DVDs.
    Each person listed is a rep for their unit. Details of their unit are listed including how many men/women they represent, when the unit went over, when the unit is due back, etc.
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